real Time Collaborative Mapping

Already Have a GEOINT App Store Login?

Instructions for downloading SITREP premium for free via the GEOINT App Store

Step 1 - Authenticate your military credentials on the GEOAxIS site

  • Visit the GEOAxIS website on a CAC/PIV enabled device using a browser that has your certs.
  • Select the PKI Certificate as your authentication method and continue.
  • Create an account by selecting Users > Disadvantaged User and complete the requested information. Account duration = 1 year, Justification = I actively use a device that does not support hard token credentials.

  • Select, 'My Account' -> 'Update My Profile' to provide an email address and other requested information.

Step 2 - Download The GEOINT App Store App

  • Visit the GEOINT App Store ( on a mobile device and sign in with your new account credentials.
  • Tap 'View' at the top of the page to Download the GEOINT App Store, or tap 'See More' under iOS apps and scroll to the GEOINT App Store App
  • Install the GEOINT App Store App on your mobile device
  • Establish trust for DoD apps by navigating to your Apple Settings App> General > Profiles and Device Management > U.S. Department of Defense.
  • Tap Trust this app developer, then return to the GEOINT App Store app.

Step 3 - Download SITREP from the GEOINT App Store App

  • In the GEOINT App Store App, search for SITREP to find and download SITREP for iOS.